Dedicated to improving the human experience and putting people at the center.

Human Experience Systems is my vision for a company focused on human-centered experiences. Combining processes of design thinking, user experience design, usability, and web interface design, we can produce digital or real-world solutions that are simplified, streamlined, and built human-first.

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Located inside Blank Space Highland Park
414 Raritan Ave., Highland Park, NJ 08904

Digital Design and Strategy

Using research and design methods to improve business outcomes, we help non-profits, small businesses, and corporations reduce complexity and frustration. Using visualization techniques, everyone can understand and share the same vision. User satisfaction is increased when complexity is reduced. Adding in a measure of delight makes any business stand out from the crowd. Design thinking methods can be used to generate new and innovative solutions that go beyond standard interface improvements.

Educational Workshops and Bootcamp

dSpace Design Bootcamp is a user experience and design thinking bootcamp, focused on a practical blend of theory and application for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of the digital design process, how to prototype your ideas, and grow your creative confidence!

In addition to 1 day workshops, we also offer a multi-month part-time learning experience where we build a digital product, service, or app for a real-world organization with social impact. In a 3 month design cycle, we'll come together as a community of learners to complete a design process and take something from concept to prototype.