A part-time design bootcamp for beginners

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dSpace design studio

In this unique learning experience led by an experienced instructor & a recent graduate of UBalt.edu's Master in Interaction Design program, join a team of 8 design students in working through a full design process. Conduct research, define and test multiple solutions, and build a functional prototype that you can add to your UX portfolio. Gain practical experience and increase your creative confidence at the same time!


dSpace Design Bootcamp graduates its first class!

dSpace digital experience

3 months.
12 weekly in-person meetings.
Self-directed interaction via Slack.
Team of 8 creators.
Beginners welcome.

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Blank Space Highland Park NJ

Open house on Tuesday, September 5th, 7-9pm at Blank Space Highland Park, 414 Raritan Ave., Highland Park NJ!

Be part of the team for $499, which covers all expenses for duration of project.

8 spots available for the next team!

Class begins on September 12th